Jawked Model since May 27th, 2021 Adam Shaw

Adam Shaw
  • Nationality: Czech Republic
  • Date of Birth: 18
  • Height: 173 cm / 5'8
  • Weight: 72 kg / 159 lbs
  • Dick Size: 7
  • Cut/Uncut: Uncut
  • Role: Versatile

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Boys these days are built different. We've progressed a lot over the last decade or two and these days it seems a lot of young men are more open-minded when it comes to exploring their sexuality. Adam is a very sporty and extremely active young man who planned to explore being in straight porn but when he got the opportunity to explore sex with other guys he was open to the idea. He's had a few small experiences with other boys, masturbating to porn together, getting a hand job from a drunk friend and showing off his body to other guys at the gym, but all of these experiences opened him up to trying more. He's the kind of adventurous young man who is always horny so he decided to try and see what it's like. You can thank his athleticism and sportiness for his perpetual boner. He says that all the working out and sports he's involved with keep him horny most of the time and he likes to jack off at least twice a day. When he's not playing sports, working out at the gym or jacking off he likes to read, watch movies and hang out with his friends. He's studying to work in fitness and health and wants to work as a personal trainer eventually but he's excited to be appearing on video and likes the idea inspiring a big audience of men to jack off to his performances with other guys. He's a gorgeous guy and the experiences he's had already have made him want to do more. We can't wait to see what he's going to deliver.

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