Jawked Model since Dec 04th, 2021 Alex Vens

Alex Vens
  • Nationality: Russia
  • Date of Birth: 22
  • Height: 180 cm / 5'11
  • Weight: 75 kg / 165 lbs
  • Dick Size: 7
  • Cut/Uncut: Uncut

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Alex is a 22 year old Russian guy who really loves working out and staying in shape, when he's not working at his job in retail. He's not a muscle guy, but he's always been interested in athletics and enjoys gymnastics, running, cycling, swimming and all kinds of other sports. He has a very busy schedule and spends a lot of his free time engaging in all kinds of activities. He attributes his very high sex drive to being so active, saying he's always hard and has a cum load to splash. He's a very easygoing and open-minded guy when it comes to sex, he's happy to share his long uncut dick with guys or girls but he's still learning how to really have fun with other men, being quite new to it. Although he's new to porn too he's a natural show off and has the kind of confidence you might expect from a young man who's very used to the locker room and team showers. He likes to jack off at least once a day, even when he has a sexual partner to have fun with. When he's not playing sports or having sex he likes to hang out at the bars with his friends, go to the cinema or see a band.

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